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The beginning of adventures on Sakhalin 

Board members of the ISSU school teacher of computer science and physical education Vasily Ivanov and actor and director of the theater "Nedoslov" Alexei Znamensky go to Sakhalin Island "following the tracks of Anton Pavlovich."

Now they are already on Sakhalin, where local VOG activists cordially greeted them, and not just so, but with bread and real caviar - the most symbolic product of a rich fish island. Vasily and Alexey got acquainted with the capital of the island, visited museums not only for general development, but also in the context of research of an accessible environment, and at the same time attracted like-minded people, from whom a team for the joint venture was already formed.Introducing a video of the upcoming motor rally on the island of Sakhalin, part of which our enthusiasts will be from tomorrow.

The rally consisting of 30 people starts on July 21 and lasts 10 days. Finish is scheduled for the northern point of Sakhalin Island - Okha. During the motor rally, the "Chekhov places" will be visited, the participants will see the most picturesque views of the island. 


Photo: VOGinfo