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DeafSkills received UN support in Russia 

Dear colleagues! We are proud to announce that the The Youth Organization of the Deaf "Success" (MOGU) became the grant holder of the 11th round of the United Nations Democracy Fund. The subject of the grant is participation in social processes, independence and employment for young people with hearing impairment in the Russian Federation. According to the application, the culmination of work on the grant should be the holding of the National Deaf Skills Championship for young deaf people under 35. 

There are big problem of quality vocational education and employment of people with hearing impairment alll over the world. Russia with the support of the United Nations can become a pilot site, create a model for an effective systemic solution to this problem. 

Within the framework of the grant, training of experts and pedagogical staff, development of adapted vocational training programs will be organized, training of volunteers, including deaf people, will be conducted, and serious work with the media will be carried out. The main barrier for hearing impaired people is communication, mass media can break these barriers. 

According to the agreement between "MOGU" and UNIDEF, the National Championship should be held no later than June 2020 in one of the largest cities of Russia. 

The number of professions is not less than 20, the number of competitors is not less than 200, experts - no less than 200, volunteers - no less than 50. 

Selection of professions, selection of experts and participants is carried out by the organizing committee, which should be created at the first stage of the grant implementation. 

An important condition of the grant is that the project can not be co-financed. Therefore, taking into account the social and international importance of the project, we assume that the region that will host the Championship must provide an administrative resource, including preferential or free rent of the site. 

The key events of the grant will be attended by UN experts. Authoritative experts in the field of professional inclusive education from 12 countries also confirmed their desire to participate free of charge in the business program. 

The projected results of the grant are very ambitious - a two-year project should make vocational education and qualitative employment for the deaf and hard of hearing young people under 35 years in Russia fully available and create a replicable model for distribution in all UN member countries.

June 1, 2018 we are starting! Together we will change the world for the better!