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"Ergaki. A wonderful journey in silence." Exhibition of the works of deaf photographers

December 4 at 18.00 in the Exhibition Hall of the Sakharov Center will be the opening of the photo exhibition "Ergaki. A wonderful journey in silence."

Ergaki "was implemented with the support of the Youth Organization of the Deaf "Success" (MOGU) and the Russian Geographical Society.

Following their dream, eight photographers, including the deaf graduates of the Higher School of Photography Vasily Ivanov, Maria Rumyantseva, Julia Klabukova, Maria Bannova, Inga Gracheva, Yulia Kulkova, and Anastasia Neschastnova and Alexander Zheleznov, went to the reserved area of ​​the Krasnoyarsk Territory last summer - Ergaki, to collect material for creativity and share their amazing perception of the world. Now we can see them through the eyes of the beauty of the unique Siberian reserve and feel how nature can inspire and regenerate man.As the project participants themselves say, this is a creative journey - air! And life is based on the principle of "breathing in and out".

This project has found its life thanks to the creative tandem of the actress of the theater of the deaf children "Nemoslov", the sign language teacher, the sign language interpreter at the Deaf High Schools of Anastasia Neschastnova and the professional photographer, teacher, deputy director of the Higher School of Photography Alexander Zheleznov.

December 6 at 19.00 will be the presentation of the exhibition.

Alexander Zheleznov and the project participants will talk about the unique area for travel - Ergakah, about organizing a photo tour for the deaf and hard of hearing, about how the trip took place, about planning a trip to an unfamiliar place, from the photographer's point of view, about the peculiarities and cunning of photography in the mountains.

The presentation will be accompanied by a translation into sign language. 

On December 7 at 19.00, within the framework of the exhibition, Anastasia Neschastnova's master class "Removing barriers to communication" will be held.

"We often hide behind words, do not feel people, do not notice the true state of a person," she explains. - In the course of this master class with the help of games and tasks, we will try to re-engage the attention to your interlocutor in a new way. " The master class will be held in a sign language with simultaneous translation into an audio language. All interested people with hearing impairment are invited to participate. Participation in the master class is free.

The exhibition will be open from 5 to 10 December from 13.00 to 20.00


Photo: Sakharov-center.ru